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A chart can be saved as an image. The data presented in the chart can also be exported to Excel.

Note that exporting chart data exports only the numbers as displayed in the chart. That is, if you need all the underlying data you need to export simulation results directly.

To save the chart as an image:

  1. Right-click the chart
  2. Choose Save as…
  3. Write a name for the image

To export the data for the chart to Excel:

  1. Right-click the chart
  2. Choose Export data… or
  3. Choose View in Excel to save the data to a temporary file and open it directly.

See also

  1. Choose Export from the menu
    1. Excel or
    2. Tab-separated text
  2. Choose a file name in the window that appears.

You can also export data to Excel to a temporary file and view the data directly in Excel by clicking the View in Excel toolbar button of the tables screen.

See also

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