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-Data for a [[table]] can be exported either to Excel or as [[wp>​Tab-separated_values]]. For large tables, a tab-separated values file is generated much faster than an Excel file. 
-Note that exporting table data exports only the numbers as displayed in the table. That is, if you need all the underlying data you need to [[importing and exporting simulation results|export simulation results]] directly. 
-  - Right-click the table  
-  - Choose **Export** from the menu 
-    - **Excel** //or// 
-    - **Tab-separated text** 
-  - Choose a file name in the window that appears. ​ 
-You can also export data to Excel to a temporary file and view the data directly in Excel by clicking the {{Export24.png}}**View in Excel** toolbar button of the [[tables screen]]. ​ 
-====See also==== 
-  * [[Exporting and importing simulation results]] 
-  * [[Exporting charts]] 
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