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The Fruit tree model is used to estimate the time-dependent accumulation (in mass and concentration bases) of organic/metals in the edible part in fruits at harvest.



NameProvided byComment
Actual evapotranspirationSoil,Soil measurements
Concentration in soilSoil,Soil measurements
Dry density of soilSoil,Soil measurements
Gaseous concentration in the atmosphereAtmosphere,Atmosphere measurements
Surface dry deposition flux of contaminated aerosolsAtmosphere,Atmosphere measurements
Surface wet deposition flux of contaminated aerosolsAtmosphere,Atmosphere measurements
Temperature of airSoil,Soil measurements


NameUsed byComment
Concentration in fruit at harvestHuman intake,Population intake
Dry deposition interceptedSoil
Surface area of fieldSoil
Total diffusion downwardsAtmosphere
Total diffusion upwardsAtmosphere
Total wet deposition aerosols interceptedSoil

Working with the fruit tree model

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