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The river measurement model is meant to be used when the user has measurements for river properties and do not wish to dynamically model the river. This model allow the user to input river measurements in one place, and let other models use it for temperatures, flow rates, contaminant concentrations etc.



NameUsed byComment
Concentration of the chemical dissolved in river waterFish,Invertebrate,Phytoplankton,Human intake,Population intake
Concentration of the chemical in raw river waterSoil,Grain,Leaf
Diffusion from air to waterAtmosphere
Diffusion from water to airAtmosphere
Flow rate of the riverRiver
Temperature of river waterFish,Invertebrate

Working with the river measurements model

When adding a measurement model from the library, the time series screen will list the data that the user can enter. When added, the measurement model can automatically connect to existing models and supply them with this data.

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