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 ====Introduction==== ====Introduction====
-{{ ::​option_screen.png?​direct&​200|}} [[Option|options]] ​allow you to select how to enter data in the models. Most options let you choose whether you want to enter constant or time dependent data, but can also modify the internals of the model. For example, ​the [[:merlin-expo:​models:​Man]] model allow you to skip the gastro-intestinal tract for a specific contaminant.+{{ :​option_screen.png?​direct&​200|}} ​The option screen lists all [[general variable|options]] ​offered by the [[sub-system|sub-systems]] that you have selected ​for you [[model]]
 ====Tool bar==== ====Tool bar====
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 | {{ help24.png }}| Help | Shows this page | | {{ help24.png }}| Help | Shows this page |
-====Selecting ​options====+====Changing ​options====
-On the left hand side of this window is a listing of the [[option|options]] that are available for the [[sub-system|sub-systems]] you have included in your [[model]]. When you select ​an option in the listthe different choices for the option ​will be displayed ​in the panel on the right hand side.+Select ​an option in the list to the left to change it. Information about the selected ​option ​appear ​in the panel on the right. ​
-The panel shows you the name of the selected option as well as a description. Beneath ​is a section ​called ​**Target** ​with the different choices ​that can be made for the optionSelect a choice by clicking ​the checkbox ​next to it. +Under the description is a section ​named **Target**, in which you can select from different choices. ​choice ​is selected ​by using the check box next to it.
-**Note**Some options allow you to specify ​different choices for different contaminants. ​Just below the **Target** label, a drop-down list allows ​you to select ​different contaminants. If you want the same choice ​for all contaminants,​ use the [[default]] item. +{{ ::​option-default.png?​nolink|}} ​**Note** ​Some options allow you to make different choices for different ​[[contaminant|contaminants]]For example, the [[:​merlin-expo:​models:​Man]] model let you specify if a specific contaminant enters the body via the GI tract or via the liver. For these options there is a drop-down menu just below the **Target** label where you select ​for which contaminant ​you want the choice. Use the [[default]] item in the list if you want to apply the same choice to all contaminants
 ====See also==== ====See also====
 +  * [[Options]]
   * [[User interface]]   * [[User interface]]
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