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-The tables screen lets you create tables with data from [[simulation output|simulation outputs]]. It is very similar to the [[charts screen]]. 
-When you run a probabilistic simulation there are several types of tables that are dedicated to probabilistic results and sensitivity analysis. ​ 
-A table is created by selecting outputs in the list. MERLIN-Expo will attempt to create a table which suites the selected output, but if you want a specific table you can select the table type from the menu. 
-====Tool bar==== 
-|{{CreateTimeTable24.png}}|Time table|Creates a [[#time table]]| 
-|{{CreateIndexTable24.png}}|Index table|Creates an [[#index table]]| 
-|{{StatisticsTable24.png}}|Statistics table|Creates a [[#​statistics table]]. <​sup>​1)</​sup>​| 
-|{{CreateRawDataTable24.png}}|Raw data table|Creates a [[#raw data table]]. <​sup>​1)</​sup>​| 
-|{{CreateCorrelationTable24.png}}|Correlation table|Creates a [[#​correlation table]]. <​sup>​1)</​sup>​| 
-|{{Export24.png}}|View in Excel...|Opens the currently visible table in Excel.| 
-|{{Copy24.png}}|Clone|Duplicates the currently visible table.| 
-|{{Help24.png}}|Help|Displays this help page.| 
-<​sup>​1)</​sup>​This table is only available for probabilistic results. 
-====Creating tables==== 
-The available [[simulation output|simulation outputs]] are listed on the left hand side. When you select an output in the **Results** list, a table will automatically be created which is titled "​Quickview"​. This table is replaced as soon as you select other outputs in the list. To retain the table, you must create a table using the menu buttons. ​ 
-Refer to the [[chart screen]] for more information. 
-Each table is given a page identified by the title of the table. To change the properties of the table, you can either use the buttons beneath the table, or right-click the table and select **Edit** from the menu.  
-===Time table=== ​ 
-Presents time dependent data for one or more outputs. For probabilistic simulations,​ by default the mean value is displayed. To select other statistics you must edit the table. ​ 
-===Index table=== ​ 
-The index table is useful for vector/​matrix outputs. The table displays one row per index/​contaminant and data for one output per column. For each column, the time point must be specified - by default the last time point is selected. This table is quite flexible, but you must edit the table to specify exactly what is to be shown. Like with the time table, the mean value is displayed by default for probabilistic outputs. 
-===Statistics table=== 
-For probabilistic outputs, you can display many sorts of statistics with a statistics table. Each row displays a given statistics and each column an output. To select which statistics to incluce, edit the table. 
-===Raw data table=== 
-This table is only available for probabilistic outputs and displays data all iterations for the selected outputs. Typically this table is used to find simulation outliers, as well as for export of data for postprocessing in other programs. 
-===Correlation table=== 
-Like the [[charts screen#​tornado chart]], the correlation table shows the impact of uncertain parameters on one or more outputs. You can select which sensitivity indices to calculate by using the drop down menu in the **Correlation** box below.  ​ 
-====Exporting data==== 
-You can export data for a given table either to a text or an Excel file. Right-click the table and select **Export data...**. 
-====See also==== 
-  * [[User interface#​Data output screens]] 
-  * [[Importing and exporting data]] ​ 
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