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-MERLIN-Expo ​uses SI units. ​Units can be annotated, for example a dry weight quantity might display the unit [kg.dw]+====Notation==== 
 +Units are written using superscript,​ eg. kg m<​sup>​-3</​sup>​. 
 +Subscript is used for annotated units, eg. kg<​sub>​FW</​sub>​ (kilogram fresh weight) 
 +====Units in MERLIN-Expo==== 
 +Data is entered and delivered by MERLIN-Expo in [[wp>​International System of Units|SI-units]] 
 +Contaminant masses in MERLIN-Expo is entered in //mg//. The time unit is //days//. 
 +This means that flows of contaminants are given in //mg day<​sup>​-1</​sup>//​.  
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