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Information screen

The information screen is displayed when MERLIN-Expo is launched. It is used to create, open and save projects. It also lets you describe the study being made and attach files related to the study.

Tool bar

New Starts a new project. See Creating projects
Open Opens a previously saved project.
Save Saves the current project.
Save As Saves the current project to a new location with a new name.
Save Assessment Saves the current project together with all simulation results (as an assessment)
Preferences Displays the preferences window.
Help Displays this page

Creating projects

You create a new project by clicking the toolbar button. You can select to either start from scratch with a blank project, or choose a template model for your study.

Opening and saving projects

MERLIN-Expo uses the file extension .eco for project files and .eas for assessment files. An assessment file is a project file which also contains simulation results data.

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