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As a result of the work done within the LIFE VERMEER project, new models (VERMEER tools) were added to the MERLIN-Expo software.

The VERMEER tools are embedded in the tool as model templates in the form of predefined scenarios that correspond to the specifications that were identified for the case studies in VERMEER project.

Creating a new project using a template for a VERMEER tool

In the Information screen, click the New button. In the window that appears, choose a VERMEER tool from the list of available templates.

These are the available tools:

  • VERMEER FMC tool
  • VERMEER Rodenticide tool
  • VERMEER Solvents tool
  • VERMEER Dispersant Tool

For detailed documentation of these models and instructions for how to build an assessment with each tool, we recommend the manuals posted on the following site:

VERMEER Tools Documentation

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