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The report page lets you generate a report for the study. You can control what to include in the report by editing the report settings. Once a report is generated, you can save it as an html file (which can be opened in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice), or as an Adobe PDF file.

Like with a webpage, the report uses links which allows the reader to navigate in the report.


Refresh(Re-)generates a new report. Note that it might take some time to generate a report - progress will be indicated in the lower right corner.
BackDisplays the previous page.
ForwardDisplays the next page.
HomeDisplays the table of contents.
SaveSaves the current report as an html file.
Generate and open PDFCreates a PDF file and opens it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Print…Print the report.
SettingsDisplays a window that lets you customize the report contents.
HelpDisplays this help page.

Report contents

The report is divided into chapters, which you can select to include or exclude in the report settings. A full report contains the following chapters:

  1. Project properties - Everything written in the info screen.
  2. Materials/Species - Lists all contaminants included in the context screen.
  3. Index lists - Details other dependencies such as food or individuals.
  4. Model description - Displays an overview of the full model in an interaction matrix. Each sub-system is listed as sub-chapters, and include the following sections:
    1. Description of the sub-system with an interaction matrix and an
    2. Overview of all important blocks.
    3. Details of all blocks - Equations, relationship to other blocks etc.
    4. Summary of parameter values and time series.
  5. Simulation settings - simulation settings such as start and end time, solver parameters etc.
  6. Probabilistic settings - probabilistic settings - parameters included, sampling scheme etc.
  7. Simulation outputs - Outputs available.
  8. Results - All charts and tables created by the user. Note that the Quickview table/charts are not included by default.
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