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Models library

The MERLIN-Expo models library is a collection of models that can be used individually, or together, to form the mathematical model for the study. These models are referred to as sub-systems.

Sub-systems can be connected, so that one sub-system provides input data for another sub-system.


The library is divided into the following categories:


These are models for the environmental media in which pollution occurs.


The food model account for food produced in the investigated region and that is contaminated by the environmental media. All items here no not necessarily end up on a plate - some (such as phytoplankton) are food for fish.

Human exposure

The human exposure models deal with the exposure route to people and the fate of the contaminants in the human body.


When MERLIN-Expo is launched, the software will search on-line for updates to the library. Updates to the library will not affect sub-systems that have already been added to a model.

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